“For Freedom!” Card Game

The nations of Europe are falling one by one to a ruthless and powerful enemy…

Secretly, in their forest and mountain strongholds, armies of courageous volunteers are organizing themselves to fight for their nation, or die in its defense!

“For Freedom!” is a tabletop, card-based, strategy game played between two people. Each player takes command of one of two opposing nations from World War II. Use each card cleverly to attack your opponent and his resources, while defending your own!

Whom will YOU command?

Wehrmacht – command the Blitzkreig of Nazi Germany to encircle and destroy your enemy with tanks and aircraft. Don’t let your compassion keep you from victory…

Ukrainian Insurgent Army – command the partisan troops of the UIA in raids and sabotage operations to break the attack of your enemy. Don’t let the conqueror destroy your homeland and take away your freedom!

Are YOU ready for Battle?

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