How to play?

Game Levels:
The newest release of the rules contains two different Game Levels. Before the game starts, the players must agree on a Game Level:

  1. “Basic Game” – recommended for first-time players.
  2. “Advanced Game” – recommended for those who have mastered the Basic Level. Provides a deep strategic challenge.

Tournament Rules Supplement:
In tournaments, it is important that games don’t drag on, and that each victory is the result of the best strategies, rather than good luck alone. The Tournament Rules for the “For Freedom!” Card Game are identical to those of the “Advanced Game Level” with the following exceptions:

  1. Players start the game with 15 points of Morale.
  2. Before any other pre-game action, the players choose five (5) cards from their decks to form their first hand.

A more detailed explanation is available below for download.

Download Rules:

For Freedom – English Rules – Version 4 – tabloid (12-Nov-11)

Ukrainian Tutorial Video:

This video shows the Advanced Game Level.